School of Literature & Arts

Board of Trustees

      Founded in October 2002, FSU Board of Trustees aims to maintain and strengthen the close ties between the University and people from all walks of life at home and abroad, enlarge the social function of University, improve the University operation, and contribute jointly to the development of FSU and the society. To support the University development through fund raising and donations, several specialized funds for teaching and learning awards have been established such as “Talents for Tomorrow Specialized Fund for Teaching and Learning,” “Xian Weijian Foundation,” “Ri Rong Specialized Fund,” “Chang Jiang Specialized Fund,” “Fortune Pharmacal Co. Scholarship.” Over 900 faculty and students have obtained awards drawn on those funds.

Univerisity Leadership

     Researcher, XIONG Zhixiang 
     Secretary of University CPC 
     Research Fellow in Higher Education 
     Master’s Supervisor

     Associate Prof. QIANG Guoli 
     Deputy Secretary of University CPC 
     Secretary of University CPC 
     (in charge of Discipline Inspection & Supervision Division) 
     Associate Professor

     Prof. & Dr. LUO Qizhi 
     Vice President 
     Professor in Bridge Engineering 
     Master’s Supervisor

     Prof. & Dr. FAN Yanbin 
     Vice President 
     Professor in Mechanical Manufacture & Automation 
     Master’s Supervisor

     Mr. XU Xiaozhu 
     Vice President

     Prof. ZHANG Yuhong 
     Vice President 
     Professor in Civil Engineering 
     Master’s Supervisor

Executive Affairs

     CPC Discipline Supervision and Internal Audit Unit 
     President’s Office 
     CPC Organization and United Front Work Office 
     CPC Publicity Office 
     Student Affairs Office 
     International Office (International School) 
     Dean’s Office 
     Adult Education Office(School of Adult Education) 
     Laboratory and Facilities Management Office 
     Human Resources Office 
     Scientific Research and Industry Office 
     (Journal of Foshan University) 
     Finance Office 
     Campus Safety Office 
     Teachers’ Union 
     University Logistic Services & Properties Management Office