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Brief Introduction of Medical School

     Medical School is under the jurisdiction of Foshan University. Its predecessor is Foshan Xundao Nursing School founded in 1924, others of which were Foshan Health School, Foshan School of Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Science, Foshan Vocational School of Medical Science and Foshan Vocational Medical College. In 2005, under the ratification of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, it merged with Foshan University, took charge the higher education of medicine both at the undergraduate-level and high vocational level.

     Administratively, the whole school is divided into School Office (including Office of Teaching Administration, Office of Student Affairs and Office of Practice Teaching), Department of Basic Medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, Department of Stomatology, Department of Medical Laboratory and Pharmacy, and Laboratory Center of Basic Medicine. Five bachelor’s degree specialties are conducted in the school, such as clinical medicine, stomatology, nursing, medical laboratory and pharmacy, together with five vocational specialties, such as clinical medicine, stomatology, nursing, medical laboratory and pharmacy. It enrolls students both inside and outside Guangdong Province, with totally over 3,000 students in the school now.

     The school has a total staff of 116 people (not including those in the affiliated hospital), of which 69 teachers possess senior professional titles of professor and associate professor, 7 teachers being M.D. holders and another 4 doctoral candidates. Some of them are the subject leaders and academic leaders with the awards of “Yangtse River Scholar Achievement” conferred by the National Ministry of Education. They love their career and posts, and set good examples for students.

     The whole school occupies a land area of 143 acres ( Medical School itself 85 acres, while affiliated hospital 58 acres ), totally 75,396㎡ in architecture area. The school library holds about 160,000 volumes of books on medical science with about 400 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals. It now owns an Laboratory Center of Basic Medicine (including 3 laboratory platforms) and 5 specialized laboratories.

     The school also possesses 2 directly affiliated hospitals. One is a specialized oral hospital of second-class, Grade A, namely, Foshan Oral Hospital, which is a medical institution merging medical care, teaching activities, scientific research into a whole. It has all the necessary departments and rather tremendous strength in technical force, among which stomatologic orthoperdics and stomatologic repair have reached the provincial advanced level. Every year, there are about 200,000 patients, which can meet the teaching demands of oral medicine specialty. The other hospital is an affiliated general hospital of second-class, Grade A (i.e. Foshan Fifth People’s Hospital). It merges medical treatments, health recovery, health care, teaching activities and scientific research into a whole and can satisfy the teaching needs of clinical medicine.

     The multi-media teaching methods are applied almost by 100% in theory teaching. Hence, the teaching quality has been constantly improved. The school was once awarded the second-prize of teaching achievements of Guangdong province. The specialties of oral medicine and nursing have been determined to be the provincial exemplary specialties, of which the oral medicine has been rated to be the national exemplary specialty by the National Ministry of Education. The teachers are responsible of compiling 3 national programmed textbooks for Ministry of Health. Its social practice “Health Express” has become the brand-name in Guangdong Province. Meanwhile, the projects and the achievements in scientific research of the school have been considerably increased, the school has won a number of research projects (including those funded by National Natural Science Foundation) in national level, provincial level and local level.

     In the near future, Medical School will move to the new campus based on the northern campus which is being prepared to construct at present. Medical school will surely march into a new era of rapid development and accomplish a new leap.