School of Literature & Arts

Introduction to the School of Educational Science

     The School of Educational Science of Foshan University is composed basically of part of the resources of the former Foshan College of Education, which was, under the ratification of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, incorporated into the university in March 2005, and part of those of the original Information Center of the university. There is at present in the school a staff of seventy-six members, of whom fifty-five are teaching professionals and eight are lab conductors. Among the teaching professionals nineteen are professors or associate professors, and, on the other hand, nineteen have an academic degree of doctor or master. The school now has an enrollment of 1020 full-time students, of whom 294 are undergraduates, 579 engaged in a three-year program, and 147 involved in formal adult education.

     The school encompasses three departments, two institutes, two centers, two offices and a TV station: the departments of Basic Education, of Modern Educational Technology, and of Psychology (under planning); the institutes of Modern Educational Technology and of Educational Science; the Center for Teachers Training and the Center for Educational Science Experiments and Skills Training; the Administrative Office of the school and the Office for Student Affairs; and the Educational TV Station, and offers courses in two specialties, one in Basic Education with the concentrations on Chinese, Mathematics and English, and the other in the Studies of Modern Educational Technology with the concentrations on Education of Information Technology and Digital Media Technology. The Center for Teachers Training, as a base of continuing education for elementary and secondary schoolteachers of Guangdong Province, is committed to the task of training schoolteachers and kindergarten nurses and on-duty school principals, while the Institute of Modern Educational Technology and the Educational TV Station, whose comprehensive interest or service, to a great extent, covers all levels of the divisions and sections of the school, thus operate directly under the administration of the school leadership.

     In the school are facilities and installations for instructional experiments and skills impartation, such as multimedia labs, multimedia network labs, digital media studios, mini-classrooms, nonlinear editor’s studios, educational technology experiments workshops, psychology workshops, an artistic skills training hall, and an educational TV station.

     The school, while sticking to the idea of “teaching and learning as the basis of a school’s accomplishments, scientific research as the path to the capability of a school, and personality as the key to development” to run the school, and adhering to the essential task of nurturing locally-needed personnel, to the focus on undergraduate instruction, and to the emphasis upon professional disciplines construction, is dedicated to fashioning out modes of enhancing initiative and creativity and bringing forth senior adaptable and specialized personnel of leading consciousness, pioneering enterprise and practical aptitude.