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Brief Introduction of Life Science School of Foshan University

     Located around Xianxi Lake, Nanhai district of Foshan,Life Science School is one of the seven schools of Foshan University. The Life Science School enjoys a very beautiful landscape and comfortable environment.

     Life Science School was first named as Foshan School of South China Agriculture University at 1958, and was renamed as Foshan Veterinary College and Foshan Agriculture & Animal Husbandry College respectively by merging with predecessor of Foshan University (built on its 1950s origins) in 1996. The School offers undergraduate programmes (bachelor’s degrees) since then.

     The faculty of the School comprises 132 people, includes 23 professors, 47 associate professors, 26 Ph. D., 74 M.S. 4 departments of the School are: Department of Animal medicine, Department of Animal Science, Department of Garden & Vegetable and Department of Food Science, and 7 specialties including Animal Medicine, Animal Science, Garden Vegetable, Garden Arts, biotechnology and food science & technology. Two specialties, Animal Science or Medicine & Management and Animal Husbandry and Animal Medicine offer adult self-study diploma programmes. Presently, there are more than 1300 students in the School.

     The major education goals of the School focus on education, quality, characterization, and the development ideas are founded on “two wings i.e. science researching and social service” and “producing, teaching, researching”, with rapid development for society and coordination for the School faculty. The School’s core mission is teaching, and the key role is discipline construction, enhancing the levels of teaching quality and researching levels with main efforts to innovate and construct teacher group, specialties, discipline, courses and experiment etc. The student cultivation model is “one specialty with multiple skills” (i.e. specialty education is referred as enhancement of multiple skills) along with long period teaching programs.

     With nearly fifty years development, the teaching and researching levels of Life Science School is striding forward with hard work and innovations of the School teachers of several generations. The School characters can be summarized as high for graduate panning, solidity for practice skills, evidence for originate and innovative ability, excellence for social appraisements and prominence for scientific research. So far, more than ten thousand students graduated from the School, and most of them are famous and welcome for their spirits of the School, i.e. diligence, strong specialty foundation and practice skills. The School is coordinate with South China University and Hunan Agriculture University etc. to co-cultivate graduates. More than 200 students were qualified for M.S. or Ph. D. study since 2000 (39 students were qualified for M.S. study at 2006, especially.). And more postgraduate students are regarded as cadreman of their working enterprises, some of them are professors or Ph. D. supervisor, enterpriser, or leaderships of Office or State.

     The School’s main principle is that teaching and researching are both important, and the teaching or researching groups are reasonable and innovative, e.g. the discipline of preventive animal medicine is ratified for one of the mainly supporting disciplines of Guangdong province, two courses are authorized for key courses of Guangdong province, and one famous specialty, two key disciplines, two key directions of Foshan University. Two teaching programs were encouraged for the first or second teaching award of Guangdong province. Regarding researching programs, breeding selection for ordinary species of excellent rice, breeding selection for excellent duck breed, prevention and control some significantly infectious diseases of poultry and animals are leading in or out of Guangdong province. The School has carried out 4 national nature fund projects, 2 brach programs of national key scientific and technological brainstorming projects, 6 provincial or ministry projects, more than 20 civic or office projects, and some were qualified for the National, ministerial, provincial, office or civic awards, some have passed provincial technology certifications. Among them, a complete system of Xianhu Duck has passed the national species evaluation and obtained the first water bird species certificate in China. The branch centre for feeder duck of national poultry engineering centre is also located in the School.

     The School based on social service including growing, seeding and farming etc., aimed to service agricultural fields, and teachers efficiently utilize advantages of their teaching and researching to resolve problems of related regions or to advocate agricultural technology knowledge, and the school has been an honoured brand to more and more agriculture participants or enterprises.

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