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Introduction to the School of Environment and Civil Engineering

     The School of Environment and Civil Engineering, founded in March, 2003, is one of the schools of Foshan University. There are three departments in the school. They are Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Department of Resource and Environment, Department of Tourism Management and offers 6 bachelor programs, Civil Engineering, Resources Environment and the Management of Urban and Rural Planning, Tourism Management, Environmental Engineering, Geographic Information System, and Architectural, with around 1,150 full-time students. Structural Engineering is one of the key disciplines at the university level and Physical Geography one of key supporting disciplines at the university level. There are five institutes and one research center at the college as well.

     There are now 76 staff, among whom sixty-four are full-time teachers, including 11 professors (and researchers), 26 associate professors (and senior engineers), and 17 middle-ranked professional title holders. Seventy percent of the teachers have master degrees and 15 have attained doctor degrees. The school has gained increasing power of teaching and researching and during the recent decade, has turned out batches of high-quality specialized talents that can be widely employed in many areas.

     The school advocates the philosophy of institutional operation, namely, upholding the people-oriented principle, pursuing quality education, and demonstrating unique features and insists the principle of coordinated development of scale, quality, structure, and effectiveness. It sets undergraduate teaching programs as its chief task, with strong focus on the establishment of disciplines and by rigorously observing school regulations and developing relevant norms and standards, has formed a relatively standard, preliminary management system of teaching quality.

     The school places great emphasis on students’ well-rounded education and has been dedicated to developing students’ innovation ability. It tries to improve students’ integrated qualities based on their disciplines from various aspects and through different approaches, enriching their second classroom and life after class.

     The students have achieved frequent successes in a variety of competitions throughout the country and the province, with a second prize and the third highest total score in the Middle-South Regional Match of Structural Model Design in 2005, a first prize in the 8th Guangdong Competition of Challenging Cup and a third prize in the 9th National Competition of Challenging Cup for Extra Curricular Academic Scientific Technological Works in 2005, a second prize in the 9th Guangdong Competition of Challenging Cup in 2007, a second prize in the Guangdong Competition of Structural Design in May, 2007.

     In the past few years, as a result of the strengthening of disciplinary construction and research management, the teachers have taken initiative in researching and succeeded in applications for research programs at higher level, hosting 4 National Natural Science Foundation programs, 7 province-ministry level scientific research programs and 6 municipality-department level program projects, and completing or undertaking 51 horizontal topic researches, with the total research fund reaching more than 10 million RMB . There are altogether 152 published academic papers.

     In recent years, the school has reinforced its external connections and cooperations and established friendly cooperative relationships with its counterparts in Hongkong, within or outside the province and in the city of Foshan. At present, it joins South China University of Technology, South Normal University and Guangdong University of Technology in the cooperative cultivation of postgraduates and has over 10 master degree supervisors.

     Location: N18, Jiangwan Rd 1, Foshan 
     Postal Code: 528000 
     Tel: 86-757-83961117