School of Literature & Arts

An Introduction to the School

     The Mechatronics and Information Engineering School (the MIES) is a sub-entity of education, research and administration of Foshan University. The MIES is composed of six units as follows, the School Administration Office, the Mechatronics Engineering Department, the Electronics Information Engineering Department, the Automation Department, the Computer Science Department and the Engineering Practice Education Center. The MIES provides 5 undergraduate programs of Mechanics Engineering and Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Computer Science and Technology and Network Engineering.

     The MIES has a teaching and research team of reasonable age structure, advanced educational backgrounds or technical titles and strong ability for scientific research and education. Among the teaching staffs, 38 of them carried vice professor titles and 61 of them are master-degree holders. The staffs put great enthusiasm into their positions and take great responsibility and efforts for research and subjects construction under the spirit of teamwork and the binding of model requirements for lecturers. As a result, the teaching quality improved and research projects and achievements of the school have increased. Many teaching staffs have been awarded prizes of “Virtue Teacher” or “Model teacher on Science and Technology” by municipal, provincial or the state government. In recent years, the MIES has accomplished many research projects from the municipal and provincial government, as well as from local enterprises. The MIES is proud of those considerable social and economic effects as part of her contribution to the local economy. Presently, the MIES has 1321 undergraduate students and 900 adult students.