School of Literature & Arts

A Brief Introduction to the School of Science

    The School consists of 2 offices, three departments and three research institutes. They are: executive office, student affair office, department of Information Science & Mathematics, department of Photoelectronics & Physics, department of Chemistry & Chemical Industry, institute of applied mathematics, institute of opto-electrcnic technology, institute of materials & fine chemicals. The the School of Science now has the physics experiment & teaching center, the chemistry experiment & teaching center, the modeling and simulation laboratory. They offer excellent platforms for teaching, academic research, and technical development. The School has seven specialties for full-time four-year undergraduate students: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (for normal students), Information and Computer Science, Physics (for normal students), Optical Information Science and Technology, Chemistry (for normal students), Chemistry of Materials. The School also has five adult education specialties, and they are: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (for normal students), Physics (for normal students), Chemistry (for normal students), Information and Computer Science, Chemistry of Materials. The School offers several key subjects and course for students. The School has made remarkable achievement in scientific research and application technology. It has undertaken many projects respectively supported by National Natural Science Fund, Guangdong Natural Science Fund, Education Department fund of Guangdong, Science & Technology Department fund of Guangdong, and fund of Foshan.

     Now, 823 full-time students are studying at the School. The School has a staff of 108, including 81 professional teachers, 17 laboratory staff, 14 administration staff. Among the professional teachers, there are 10 professors, 34 have been granted associate professor and other senior titles, 23 have been granted doctoral degrees, 12 doctoral candidates, 38 master candidates, and 10 supervisors for master students.

     The School focuses on the construction of subjects and also on cultivating students to have practical skills and comprehensive quality and creative abilities to adapt the developing modern world. The students at the School won many national and provincial awards over the past few years. In the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2 teams and 7 teams respectively won the national first-places and second-places; 9 teams, 23 teams and 37 teams respectively won the provincial first-places, second-places and third-places. In the “Challenge Cup” National University Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition, they won one national third-places; three provincial first-places, three provincial second-places, six provincial third-places. In the Guangdong Physics Experiment Designing Competition, 3 teams, 2 teams and 3 teams respectively won the second-places, third-places and winner awards. Over the past few years, 37 students have got the admissions from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, South China Normal University, and some domestic and overseas universities for master’s program.

     The students realized the importance of training and improving their practical abilities, and they founded association of household electric appliances service, which now became the platform to enhance their comprehensive qualities and abilities. They often joined the young volunteer activities in holidays, and was granted the advanced group for social practice activities of Gungdong, among whom 12 got the advanced individual awards. The graduate from the the School of Science were much welcomed by their employers, and most of them soon became the leads and Technical backbone.