School of Literature & Arts

Student Affairs Office

     Student Affairs Office of FSU executes educational management function of student affairs. Its primary function is in line with the University’s mission of enhancing students’ leadership cognition, career-pioneering spirit, and practical ability by providing intensive care and support to help students cope with their concerns and difficulties, be they emotional, interpersonal, career, residential or financial. The Office comprises such five sections as FSU Youth League, Students Administration Section, Career Development Section, Financial Aid Section, and Counseling Center. The Youth League serves as an important bridge to connect campus youngsters, providing guidance and service to FSU League members by various extra-curricula activities. Student Administration Section takes the responsibilities of supervising various student affairs of the campus. The Career Development Center mainly provides placement services to students. Financial Aid Section manages state aid, state loans, and work-study programs for students. The Counseling Center provides planning and services for the campus psychological health program. These five sections are well coordinated in order to offer the best moral education and services to FSU students.