School of Literature & Arts


     Supported by other schools of the university, the International School welcomes overseas and foreign students to study or do research work in our school on a short term basis. It also provides Chinese language support course for those without certain mastery of Chinese. Having finished the language program and passed HSK Band 3 (Chinese Proficiency Test), the students can transfer to his bachelor degree program subsequently.

     The International School’s goal is to become a window for spreading Chinese culture and the spirit of Foshan University by turning out students with both a good command of English and solid professional knowledge.

     Bachelor Degree programs have fairly regular assessment including examinations, coursework and projects or dissertations. Your final results will usually depend on your marks both for end of year and course examinations and other tests, coursework and project work.

Language and Textbooks 
     Most of the courses are delivered in Chinese (mandarin). Some of the courses for junior and senior students are delivered both in English and Chinese. Textbooks are most in Chinese or Chinese with English translation. As such, applicant is required to pass HSK Band 3 before enrollment.

Credit System 
     Foshan University, following the international practice, adopts a standard credit system.

Board and Lodging 
     There are students’ dormitories on campus. Each dormitory is about 15 square meters, each provided with beds, wardrobes, desks, chairs, air-conditioner and toilet. 
     There are several students’ dining halls for students to choose. Usually the expense on food is about RMB 500 Yuan per month.

Recreation and Sports Facilities 
     The student’s recreational centre provides an ideal place for students to hold various recreation activities. The university Gymnasium is a multi-functional complex for competitions. Besides, the university also has a standard stadium for track and field events, courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis and badminton and one swimming pool as well.

Medical Facilities 
     The school clinic provides medical service to the staff and the students. Many Grade-A hospitals can be easily reached in the city. 
     Students enjoy the basic medical care during their stay in school. They are also required to buy the medical insurance according to the state regulations.

     International Office, Foshan University 
     18#, Jiangwan Road, Foshan, Guangdong, P.R. China 
     Tel: 86 – 757- 8271 3853 Fax: 86 – 757- 8227 2233