School of Literature & Arts

Job Vacancy – Recruitment of Foreign Teacher

Ⅰ. Foreword 
     To best match the rapid development of Foshan University, to meet the demands of curriculum development as well as to open up a window for learning culture from overseas, Foshan University has publicized this job-opening announcement, and we cordially welcome applicants who are interested in Foshan University.

Ⅱ. Application qualification 
     Applicants should be 
     A. in good health, 
     B. under 60, 
     C. native speaker from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand 
      Bachelor degree holder, or higher, with relevant teaching experience or TEFOL Training or participation in concerning training program.

Ⅲ. Working hours and benefits 
1. Working hours 
     No more than 16 hours per week (Foreign English Teachers will be teaching courses at department of English including English reading, writing, UK & USA literature, introduction to UK & USA and so on.)

2. Benefits 
A. Salary 
     The range of foreign teacher’s monthly salary stands on RMB 5,300 — RMB 6,300 depending upon applicant’s qualification & working experience. Salary for two semester break (no classes for spring/summer vocation) is fully paid to foreign teachers. For those renewing the contract after one-year fulfillment, the salary will be increased year by year.

B. Accommodation 
     Each foreign teacher is offered a 2 bed-room apartment with en-suite bathroom/toilet for free of charge. House furniture, electric appliances including TV, refrigerator, telephone, washing machine, heater, air-conditioner, etc. are provided in each apartment. Besides, necessary living furniture will be supplied.

C. Convenient Transportation 
      1. The university is 10-15minutes walk to downtown of Foshan City. 
      2. Bus stop stands at the front of University’s Main gate & South Gate. 
     3. to Guangzhou: there is shuttle bus to GZ every 15 minutes from 7am-9pm at Foshan bus station which is 15 minutes walk away from campus, alternatively, it takes you 15 minutes from Foshan to Guangzhou by underground. 
     4. to Hong Kong: Option1: There is a ferry costing RMB200 to go/return in Shunde Port. Option 2: Shuttle bus to HK costing RMB110 is also available every day at the downtown. Option 3: You will find it more convenient and comfortable to travel HK by train costing RMB220.

D. Medical Care 
     Foreign teachers enjoy the same medical welfare as staff at Foshan University. The reimbursement of disease with receipt from university’s clinic is up to RMB 200 per month.

E. Further Benefits 
     1. Once the applicant is accepted as a foreign teacher at FS University, we are responsible to apply Foreign Expert Certificate, Health Certificate, Job Visa (one year), and Residence Permit for foreign teacher. 
     2. University will pay for single air-ticket after foreign teachers fulfill the duty of one academic year. 
     3. We will pay electricity & gas bills of up to RMB200, and phone bill of up to RMB50.

Ⅳ. Application procedures 
1. To submit: 
a. Resume 
b. Photocopy of education certification 
c. Photocopy of passport (Including front page & visa page) 
d. Two reference letters 
e. 6 recent passport-sized photos

2. To contact: 
Ms. Yuyu Zhang; Ms. Yanyun Liang 
Foreign Affairs Office 
Foshan University 
18, Jiangwan Rd, Foshan, 
Guangdong, P.R.CHINA 
Postcode: 528000 
Please contact via e-mail first, we will respond to you as soon as possible! 
University website: 
Tel: +86-757-82713853 Fax: +86-757-82272233

Ⅴ. More information 
      1. Applicants who are willing to work at FS University for one year or longer have to sign contracts (one semester or one academic year) with FS University. The start date of contract will be February or August.

     2. International Office is a functional unit of coordinating international exchange and co-operation program in FS University, which has been authorized to recruit foreign experts/teachers and has obligation to introduce china’s domestic situations, educational guidelines, policies, laws, decrees and relevant regulations to foreign experts/teachers so as to help them better understand Chinese culture and respect Chinese customs and traditions and observe laws, decrees and relevant regulations promulgated by Chinese government and also those enacted by Foshan University. For those with prominent achievements in their teaching work, international office takes responsible to recommend them to apply for Friendship Award at provincial level.

Ⅵ. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
1. How can I gain access to your school’s website?

2. What is your school’s location? 
     Foshan University, No.18, Jiangwan Rd, Foshan, 
     Guangdong, P.R.CHINA Postcode: 528000

3. Workload and schedule? 
     No more than 16 teaching hours per week

4. What are the student’s age and their English proficiency? 
     Students of English Major (age: 18-22) all can read, write and speak English.

5. What is the class size? 
     Class size: 30-45 people/class

6. Teaching courses and textbook? 
     We offer a wide range of subjects for English Major, such as Listening, Reading, Writing, Oral English and English & American culture, Literature, ect. Each course has its own book decided by department of English. And we often renew textbooks.

7. Any other teaching activities outside the normal teaching? 
     If foreign teacher is required to work overtime under permission, extra payment will be rewarded.

8.Monthly salary? 
     It depends on the teacher’s education degree and teaching experience. RMB5,300 at least.

9. Air-ticket? 
     We provide one-way economy returning ticket after foreigner’s one year fulfillment.

10. Accommodation description? 
      One living room, one dinning room, two bedroom, kitchen, bathroom with seated toilet, hot water, TV, phone, refrigerator, micro-wave, heater, air-conditioner, washing-machine, house furniture, bed mattress, linen, pillow and so on.

11. Where is my apartment? Who pay the accommodation fee, the water, electricity, and telephone bills, etc.? 
     On-campus. We pay the accommodation fee, the water, electricity & gas bill of up to RMB200. The phone bill gets RMB 50 per month free of charge.

12. Internet Access? 
      No internet access at room currently, but foreigners can get access by telephone. Alternatively, foreigners are free to use computer facilities (with internet access) at the computer center on campus.

13. Full-paid winter/summer vocation? 

14. Free medical care? Any medical insurance? 
      Foreign teachers enjoy the same welfare as the staff of Foshan University. Foreign teachers will get 80% imbursement of no more than 200RMB per month medical service happened at the clinic of FS University. 
     There is also accidental insurance for foreign teacher, however, foreigner can buy insurance from AIG or other insurance company in China.

15. Free meals? 

16. Can I have a look at my contract before I come? 
     Yes, please visit our website below for the copy of foreign teacher’s contract.

(This announcement is up-to-date!!!)