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     Foshan university library was established in 1985 on the basis of Foshan normal college which was set up in 1958. Foshan university library merged agricultural and animal husbandry college library in 1995. Foshan university library merged Foshan institute of education library and Foshan medical workers college in 2005. Now the total floor space of the library is 29,138 square meters. As the information center of the university, the library can provide all kinds of services to the readers such as borrow out, read, make enquiry, information search, reader education, information transfer and information copy. Our library can offer over 2,000 seats for readers to read and 180 seats to search information through the computer. The opening time is 76 hours one week.

     With the reform and development of the university, our library continues to expand its collection, improve its services and enhance its technical and automatic management from 1988. It aims to create an academic information service system featuring flexible services, advance management and application of information technology. Now we have 36 computers in office and 210 computers in electronic reading room. At present, the library includes departments like acquisition & cataloguing department, circulation department, reference services department, technical services department and general office. The number of staff totals 76 , including 2 professors, 12 associate professors, 42 lecturers and 11 assistant lecturers.

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